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Who is invited to a nikokh- Tui wedding? Tashkent is fantastic place to have a destination wedding. The natural, rustic and breezy charm will add an eclectic beat to your wedding. Emerald green parks, gardens, fountains imbued with crystal strands, glittering skyscrapers of glass and concrete make this city look spectacular. Apr 30, · But, nevertheless, in the East the weddings are very big and they are hold at least 2- 3 days. In Uzbekistan all events are called Tuy. Wedding – nikokh tuy, child birth – beshik tuy, circumcision of the son according to the Muslim traditions – sunnat tuy and etc. The celebrations are prepared and directed by women. Alexander the Great Samarkand is a part of the beauty ridden Uzbekistan. A desert kingdom, Uzbekistan has footprints of real ancient times. Jun 03, · On the day of Fotiya, festively dressed women and men walk the streets in a procession led by musicians. The loud music announcing to the entire district that the girl is betrothed and will soon be married. Hino bandon ( " draw henna" ) This is a day when the girl invites her friends to her home.

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    Immediate and remote relatives, neighbors, friends and co- workers are invited to this wedding ceremony. Why have a destination wedding in Tashkent? Is Alexander the Great Samarkand in Uzbekistan? Wedding in Uzbekistan Wedding ( Nikokh- Tui), is the most important and the largest ceremony of Uzbek people. Traditionally Uzbek people celebrate weddings very richly and cheerfully. All relatives, friends, neighbors and co- workers are invited to the wedding ceremony. Banquet and Etiquette Beshik Tui Bow Clothes Darboz Engagement Handshake