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Are Turkmen similar to Turkish or Azerbaijani? Turkish is a Turkic Language and is highly similar to other Turkic Languages. There is a high degree of mutual intelligibility between Turkic Languages and. I think Turkish and Uzbek complement each other quite well, and also happens to be the second- most spoken Turkic language. Uzbek feels kind of. What is the difference between the Kazakhs and the Turks? Turkic so far is their biggest connection between Turks and Uzbeks. They all speak the similar language family, the Turkic. But Turkish language is more Oghuz mixed with Arabic, Balkanic, Armenian, Georgian, Persian, Greek and Slavonic one. Just after Ataturk’ s reforms, Turkish language remains Turkish. Turkish is in the southwestern ( Oghuz) branch of the Turkic languages while Uzbek is in the southeast ( Karluk). Mutual intellegibility is somewhere around 40– 60% I' d say, since the common loanwords from Persian and Arabic help a lot compared to the mutual intellegibility between the Kipchak languages. Although the written form of Turkmen seems almost identical to Turkish or Azerbaijani in many cases, the spoken form will cause a hard time for Turkish speakers from Turkey, thus the percentage of its intelligibility drops lower than the aforementioned three. The language of Uzbeks is spoken by some 34 million native speakers in Uzbekistan, 6- 7 million in Afghanistan, 1. 6 million in Pakistan, and around 5 million in.

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    is uzbek and turkish similar? can uzbek understand turkish? is uzbek close to farsi? where did the language uzbek. As you can see the above given example, Uzbek and Turkish are very similar. But what makes Uzbek diffucult to understand for Turkish speakers is its pronunciation. Because the pronunciaton of Uzbek is heavily influnced by Persian. If you get used to Uzbek pronunciation, you will begin to understand Uzbek fully in a few days. 5K views View upvotes. A Comparison of Modern Turkic Languages ( Turkish, Azerbaijan, Kazakh, Kyrgyz, Uzbek) in Terms of Most Frequently Used 1000 Words En Sık Kullanılan 1000 Kelime Açısından Modern Türk Dilleri ( Türkçe, Azeri, Kazak, Kırgız, Özbek) Üzerine Bir Karşılaştırma. At roughly the same period of time, Turkey was mighty Ottoman Empire, whereas Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, Turkmens were all nomadic tribes in a constant state of war and struggle. Afterwards, Russian came and conquered all that Central Asian land, whereas Turkey was never that close to Russia, or were a part of Russia. A member of the Turkic language family, Uzbek shares many structural similarities to languages such as Azerbaijan, Kazakh, and Kyrgyz, Tartar, and Turkish.

    How similar are the Turkish and Uzbek languages? It is the second- most widely spoken Turkic language after Turkish. The Turkic languages consist of over 35 different documented languages,. So any Turkic language is almost identical to one other. However communication may get harder with geographical distance as dialects, evolution of language and some borrowed vocabulary come in to play, sometimes to the extremes that you can understand what is written, but cannot talk to each other. The short answer is that Uzbeks language is related to Turkish while Tajik is related to persian. and because both Tajikestan and Uzbekistan were under Soviet.