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The weight of such baggage should not exceed 32 kg for business class 1 tickets, and 23 kg for economy class 1 tickets. The dimensions of additional baggage. Your baggage allowance is 20 kg and 5 kg for hand luggage per person. For every extra kg you need to pay 4200 sum. That' s about half a dollar, even less. Uzbekistan Airways allows its guests a Maximum size of carry on luggage of 56x45x25cm. The maximum linear size of hand luggage must not exceed. For Ski Equipment: One set is paid as 3 kg of excess baggage. Each extra complect is included in the free baggage allowance or, if exceeded, is paid as normal excess baggage. 0, 33 of the rate if the equipment is a 3rd piece of baggage and 1 rate for each additional set.

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    Airways uzbekistan charges

    Uzbekistan Airways baggage allowance - Checkout Uzbekistan Airways baggage rules Know about the baggage size, weight and excess charges & fees Policy. What are the rules for paying for Excess Baggage? The following is a table of charges for baggage exceeding 23 kg of weight ( within 32 kg), for an extra piece of luggage or for a second piece of luggage in. Uzbekistan express · If the weight is exceeded up to 23 kg, 0. 5 rate will be charged · If the weight is exceeded up to 32 kg, 1 rate is charged · If the weight is. Excess baggage ; 3, Excess baggage weight: ; 3 · For Class Y passengers up to 32 kg up to 45 kg, 0. 5 bid per seat ; 3 · For class C passengers up to 45 kg, 1 bet per. on the direction of the city of Uzbekistan - the city of the Russian Federation and back - EUR 45. 00 - on the direction of the city of Uzbekistan - Aktau / Aktobe and back - EUR 25. A fixed fee is charged. If the baggage is both bulky and heavy, will be charged a double fee. Rules for payment for the carriage of standard excess checked baggage when it is accepted for carriage by the number of pieces.

    For extra baggage, as well as for special category baggage ( animals, sports equipment, overweight and oversized baggage), the passenger pays the fee established fo. What is the excess baggage allowance for ski and golf equipment? See full list on uzairways. Looking for the best Excess baggage shipping service? Look no further than My Baggage™. Trusted by over 125, 000 customers with 15000+ reviews. Top Class Support. How much does it cost to go to Uzbekistan? Checking excess baggage, meaning three or more bags per passenger, on Uzbekistan Airways flights will cost $ 85- $ 95 per bag. Overweight baggage fees. For more details visit : Uzbekistan Airways. Search by change policies, carrier and nearby dates for best prices. Most airlines waived. Book flights now at their lowest prices!

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