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In Uzbekistan, the climate is arid continental in the vast steppe plains of the central- western part, while it' s still continental but moderately rainy ( and. Uzbekistan has different arid climates, such as the cold desert climate and a cold steppe climate. In the northeast, where the amounts of precipitation are. The country' s climate is hot, dry and continental because of no direct access to the sea or ocean. In the north of Uzbekistan moderate climatic conditions. It is often said, in fact, that Uzbekistan weather is extremely continental. Summers can be very hot, especially in the south, which is represented by cities. Cold heavy rains and sunny warm days during one week are typical for this country. In March it is already very warm Precipitations’ level is high at spring. During this month temperature is about 64 ° F at daytime and 46 ° F at nights. April is even warmer: in the plains of Tashkent it is about 72 ° F at daytime and 52 ° F at nights. Weather in Uzbekistan - accurate and detailed weather forecast in Uzbekistan for today, tomorrow and week. Weather Forecast in Uzbekistan Country A Abdullabiy + 3 ° C Abzhuvaz + 4 ° C Aitkul’ + 4 ° C Ak- Bajtal - 1 ° C Alaychi + 4 ° C Andijan + 4 ° C Andijan + 4 ° C Angren - 4 ° C Anorzor + 4 ° C Aqcha + 3 ° C Aqtau + 1 ° C Arabqishloq + 3 ° C Arboblar + 3 ° C Arg‘ in + 4 ° C. There is a continental type of climate in Uzbekistan with cold winters and hot summers.

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    Updated weather maps Uzbekistan. Weather maps for all of the Locations in Uzbekistan - 14- day forecast for Uzbekistan. Precipitation, about 415 mm ( 16. 5 in) per year, occurs mostly from November to May, while in summer, it almost never rains. Here is the average precipitation. In Tashkent, and generally in Uzbekistan, the sun regularly shines in summer, while in winter, it is not seen very often, however, some sunny day can always occur. Current weather in Uzbekistan, with temperatures in 7 cities, including high and low temperatures for the country. In Tashkent, the summers are hot, arid, and clear and the winters are very cold, snowy, and partly cloudy. Over the course of the year, the temperature. Temperatures in December average - 8° C ( 18° F) in. The climate of Uzbekistan is mostly dry, you can expect long and hot summers, but mild winters. Winters may be very cold sometimes. See full list on advantour.