Uzbekistan weather in summer

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Summer in Uzbekistan is hot and dry, with temperatures often reaching 40° C. Traveling long distances at this time of year can be slightly uncomfortable, especially if you are on a mode of transport without air conditioning. What is the average annual rainfall in the Republic of Azerbaijan? Summer is hot: the average temperature in July ranges from 26/ 27 ° C ( 79/ 81 ° F) in the north to 30 ° C ( 86 ° F) in the south. In the mountains, the temperature naturally decreases with altitude. Uzbekistan is exposed to cold air masses from Siberia, especially in the north- west, but also in the center- south, where, however, they alternate with warmer air masses coming from the south. Summer lasts relatively long well into September. The average maximum temperature in the period mid- May to mid- September is between degrees Celsius ( 82. 4 degrees Fahrenheit). July is usually the hottest month and the temperature might occasionaly reach 50° C ( 122° F) during the day. In most of the annual rainfall does not exceedmm. Lakes in the country are small, largest of them - the Aral, since it takes quite a large area, it became known as the sea. As mentioned, in the east of Uzbekistan there are hills and mountains. In the capital, Tashkent, located in the east of the country, at 400 meters ( 1, 300 feet) above sea level, the average temperature ranges from 2. 5 ° C ( 37 ° F) in January to 27.

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    Weather uzbekistan summer

    The best times to visit Uzbekistan are spring and autumn in order to avoid the climate extremes to which the country is subject.