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In Uzbekistan you can enjoy fruits and melons at almost any time of year. In late spring, summer and autumn there are juicy seasonal apricots, sweet and sour cherries, apples, plums, peaches, lemons, figs, grapes, pomegranates, quince, persimmons and many varieties of melons. In winter apples, oranges and dried fruits are available. Uzbek cuisine is famous for its rich flavors across the post- Soviet area and beyond. It is a blend of the cooking traditions of Turkic and Persian peoples. The main features of Uzbek cuisine: First, the dishes are really delicious. Second, they have an incredible smell. Plov ( sometimes also called “ osh” ) is widely considered to be the national dish of Uzbekistan. It' s a hearty rice pilaf and you' ll probably. What is the most colorful food in Uzbekistan? Uzbeks generally eat by hand and sit at the floor or at the low table – dastarkhan. At the beginning the table is served with sweets and fruits. Later it is served with vegetables and salads. Then it is the turn of soups – savory shurpa, thick mastava, etc.

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    Meals uzbek essay

    It’ s basically a large steamed dumpling that looks a lot like momos filled with ground meat, most usually ground lamb or beef ( here’ s a similar recipe) topped with some extra fat to enhance the flavor. Meat, particularly beef and lamb, remain the basis of the local diet today. Horse meat is also enjoyed as a delicacy, while poultry is less popular. Speaking of food in Uzbekistan, we simply have to mention Shivit Oshi, arguably the country’ s most colorful dish. Whether you see it in a roadside eatery or a restaurant, you’ ll definitely remember it because of its appearance. Shivit Oshi consists of bright- green noodles that get the color by infusing them with dill. Uzbekistan' s cuisine has a deep culture where meat, milk, animal fats, vegetables and sharp and bitter spices are used intensively and the steppe eating habits. How do Uzbeks eat? What is it like to visit Uzbekistan? Uzbeks are very hospitable people who will never let guests go hungry: First, because it will not be easy to decline a true invitation; second, because the Uzbek table is usually replete with food; and finally, because after a filling meal you are likely to be sent home with leftovers. Uzbekistan' s signature dish is palov ( plov or osh or palov, " pilaf" ), a main course typically made with rice, pieces of meat, grated. Men often cook this favourite meal among the Uzbeks. Usually it' s cooked from rice, and somewhere it is cooked from rice and mung bean with meat, onion and yellow carrot ( for example, in Bukhara).

    Big amount of fat – vegetable or animal oil ( from mutton or beef) must be added to palov. Black and green tea is a favorite drink in Uzbekistan. What are Uzbekistan’ s best appetizers?