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The Constitution of Uzbekistan requires that a presidential candidate be at least 35 years old, be fluent in speaking the state language ( Uzbek ), and have resided for at least ten years in the territory of Uzbekistan. Mirziyoyev was sworn in as president of Uzbekistan on December 14,. The Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan outlines the roles, responsibilities, and duties of the president. Apr 23, · Shavkat Mirziyoyev is the current president of the Republic of Uzbekistan. He was declared the interim president of the country by the Supreme Assembly on September 8, following the death of Islam Karimov. He graduated from the Tashkent Institute of Irrigation and Melioration with a Ph. degree in technological sciences. Who is the president of Uzbekistan? Mirziyoyev was re- elected to a second term with 80. 1% of the vote in the Uzbek presidential election. Mirziyoyev was born on 24 July 1957 in the Jizzakh Region of the Uzbek SSR. Who will replace Karimov as Uzbek president? Will Mirziyoyev be re- elected as Uzbek president in? Although the Chairman of the Senate, Nigmatilla Yuldashev, was constitutionally designated as Karimov’ s successor, Yuldashev proposed that Mirziyoyev take the post of Interim President instead in light of Mirziyoyev’ s “ many years of experience”.

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